Get Connected

Wrapping up my series on the craving for connection, let’s get right down to it. If our bodies are craving natural stimulus and behaviors, how do we reconnect in our modern, artificial world? The answer is simple: in any and every ay we can. Connection is all around us and the more we can seek it out the better we will feel. Every little bit counts and the more the merrier. Do whatever you can, whenever you can. Even if you can only connect in a few ways, do those whenever you can because they all add up.

Get Connected
Watch the sunrise.
Listen to the sounds when you walk out the door in the morning.
Get some natural light in the middle of the day.
Go barefoot: anywhere is ok, grass or dirt is even better.
Be cold.
Be hot.
Feel wind.
Feel rain, get wet.
Watch the sunset.
Gaze at the moon.
Sit outside at night and look/listen to the world around you.
Watch creatures (bugs, lizards, birds, squirrels).
Track creatures.
Get your hands dirty.
Work in the garden without gloves.
Grow your own food.
Do yard work.
Hug people.
Give handshakes.
Hold hands.
Look people in the eye.
Talk to people.
Hold a baby skin to skin.
Watch kids play.
Lift things.
Pet dogs and cats.
Build a fire.
Tell stories.
Listen to stories.
Take a new way to work and look around on your way.
Walk outside.
Go to a park.
Have picnics.
Climb a tree.
Climb a hill.
Climb a mountain.
Find a stream and put your hand or foot in it.
Pick up leaves/twigs/rocks and feel their texture.
Go to the ocean, river or lake.
Go swimming.

The list goes on. Use your imagination- reconnection and interaction with the natural world takes practice too. Do what you can when you can and see how many different ways you can reconnect to being human.

The most bang for your buck: go camping. Find a place with not too much concrete and modern convienences and bring good food with you. A day or two living by the light of the sun and surrounded by natural sights, sounds, smells, feels and tastes will start to satisfy that craving we all have inside and help center, balance and restore you.

Thanks for reading, have a great connected day!


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