Alternate 2013


Something just feels wrong. Like it is a bit off or not quite right. We can’t quite put our finger on what exactly it is but we can sense it. On a deeper level, we know this isn’t real. It can’t be.

A world filled with overweight, unhappy, stressed, sick and lost human beings. This can’t be our reality, right?

An Alternate 2013
As I was writing my thoughts down for Having A Critical Eye, I realized something: we have created an alternate reality. Filled with humans disconnected from the natural ways of the earth, big businesses taking over the world, unhappy and stressed people, obesity, illness and general discontent. A reality where people are more connected to their computers than their kids. One where most people can’t remember the last time they walked around barefoot in the grass or laughed so hard they cried. One where we live by the lights of our electronics and not by the light of the sun. One where we don’t know what we are eating, where it came from or if it is technically even food. One where it is a chore to be active and not a blessing. One where we feel bound by mindless obligations but have no purpose or connection. This is not the reality Mother Nature or our ancestors have been laying the groundwork for. This is not our original and destined path. This is some kind of virtual place, where money, politics and big businesses like Tyson, Monsanto and Phizer rule the world from the top of the mountain and everything washes downstream and dirty to us. We, as primal creatures, innately know that something is wrong. We can all feel in our gut that something is amiss. This present moment, this 2013, may seem like reality but in a sense, just like in Back To The Future 2, we are now living in an alternate reality…

Somewhere in the past our timeline skewed, creating this Alternate 2013. Where exactly? Hard to be sure. But what we know for sure is that this is not the reality we want to see continue.

When Did The Timeline Skew?
This is a fascinating question to ponder. Long story short, I’m not quite sure when we started down this path that we are currently charging full steam ahead. Was it the technological boom of a decade or two ago? The late 1970’s when the government created the Food Pyramid? Was it the rise of advertising? The creation of “food products”? Was it when big business started to take over everything? The invention of the light bulb? The industrial revolution? Agriculture? Or any point between? Or several points between?

What do you think? When did humans divert away from natural health? Or is this our destined path?

The Golden Age
On a similar note, I also ponder this: when was the Golden Age? Meaning, when did we have the best of all worlds. When science was developed but not over analyzed or blindly followed to the point of confusion. When food was readily available but not too commercial, overproduced, chemical laden and complicated. When we moved our bodies around on a regular basis and kids didn’t know what an iPad was. When stress was simple, people talked to one another and we went to bed at a decent hour. When life was good but simple.

The 1970s? 60s? The 50s? The 80s? The 1900s? Before that? Or could it be now or sometime in the future?

I think it was sometime a few decades ago in the United States and other well developed countries, maybe as far back as the 50s-60s but not later than the 1980s. Some areas in the less developed parts of the US or other big countries around the world might have seen this Golden Age in the last 10-20 years or it might even be now or sometime in the near future, depending on the place.

An Alternate 2013. When did the timeline skew? When was the Golden Age? Some interesting concepts that make for some interesting pondering.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!

P.S. Can we skew out reality back toward a new Golden Age?


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