Some Body Thoughts


Just a few miscellaneous health notes for thought…

In the body, in this world, everything is connected. The body dances and everything works in harmony. Nothing surprises me.

Listen to your body. If you’re tired from circadian rhythm issues, it’s ok and normal. You should be tired if you’re not sleeping and rising with the sun. Just as it makes sense that you get a hangover after a night of drinking, if you don’t rest smartly you’ll probably have a fatigue hangover.

Cold hands could be a sign of adrenal stress and/or thyroid problems. So can being cold in general.

Relaxation stimulates digestion. Breath deep before and after eating. Don’t eat and run (literally or figuratively) or run then eat. After working out, relax before you eat.

Swallow white sesame seeds with a meal to check transit time. Or beets. 12-24 hours transit is ideal. Anything more or less might be a symptom of something amiss.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!


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