Graceful Seniors

One of my main goals in life is to age gracefully. I would like to be strong, agile, mobile and balanced throughout the course of my life. To be able to move my body in many different ways and have the ability to be active however I see fit. In essence, I want my senior years to be viable, fun and active.

Here’s a video a client of mine shot while vacationing in China. Not only is it amazing to see some of the things these people are still doing as they get older but how many of them are doing this coordinated, balanced, quick and graceful moving. These are the definition of graceful seniors…

Pretty neat to see so many of them having fun and moving their bodies like this. Very inspiring and encouraging as well.

The lesson hidden in this? Graceful moving young people become graceful moving middle age people who become graceful moving older people. Here’s to capturing grace and never letting it go…

Thanks for reading, have a graceful moving day!

P.S. A video I shared a while back that was appropriate for this post.


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