Alpha Warrior

On Saturday I completed the most enjoyable obstacle race I have done so far: Alpha Warrior. The second event in this new series which was just created this year was held in San Diego over Fathers’ Day weekend. Simply put, this was a great event. For someone like myself that wants to be challenged in numerous physical ways, Alpha Warrior delivered. The slogan says it all… “No Mud. No Miles. No Mercy.” Nothing but obstacles. Quick, challenging and to the point. The other races I have done were challenging and enjoyable in their own way but Alpha Warrior stands alone.

30 obstacles. Some simple, some challenging. All were fun and challenged me through a myriad of movement, strength, agility, power, balance and strategy. A nice well rounded group of tasks that left me feeling like I got a little bit of everything. The only down side was a few of the obstacles got bottlenecked and I wasn’t able to run through the course as fast as I wanted but it was probably a blessing in disguise as it allowed me to take my time, appreciate moving my body outside on a beautiful Saturday and chit chat with my boys who were able to run along side me and cheer me on the whole time. This was what made the event for me. My family was able to see the entire event from very, very close. This is the only race/course that’s ever been possible and it made it so much more enjoyable. They got to see their dad run, jump, swing, climb and crawl just like a little kid.

Here’s a rundown of the obstacles…

Big Barrels

Cargo Net Transverse

Inverted Net Climb

Sea of Ropes

Core Blaster

Incline Cargo Net

Incline Hill Run


Rope Swing

Vertical Poles

Horizontal Ladder


Blue Logs


Spider Jump

Slack Lines

Incline Hill Run

Monkey Bars

Incline Tunnel Crawl

Log Hops

Swinging Bars

Decline Cargo Net

Celebrate with your fans…

The Bare 5 Bottom Line on Alpha Warrior: if you are decently fit, like obstacles and have spectators who might want to cheer you on, this is the event for you.

Want more on Alpha Warrior? Check out the website, maybe it’ll be coming to an area near you!

Thanks for reading, have a great day!

P.S. Thanks to my wife for the great pictures!

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