The Dark Riders


If you saw Lord of The Rings, you know the Dark Riders: The Ringwraiths.
Sinister. Destructive. Dark. Relentless.

These creatures were sent to destroy Frodo, the one with the ring. They would not stop and when they were together and cornered him, he could not escape, his only option was to put on the ring to protect himself.

This is how I look at some of what’s in our food supply right now. We have some dark riders that are pursuing us, hunting us down and although we can avoid them more easily when just one is after us, it is downright scary and often deadly when they all converge upon us at once.

The Nutritional Dark Riders

Who are these Dark Riders?

VESO – Vegetable/Seed Oils
WECO – Wheat & Corn
RESWEE- Refined Sweeteners
ADDITE – Dyes, preservatives, flavorings, gums, texturing agents
SOPRO – Soy products

Each one is problematic on it’s own but when a few come together, watch out. When they all converge into one force they are almost unstoppable. They are seemingly everywhere and often surprise us, jumping out at us as if from nowhere.

We are all, in essence, running from the black clad dark riders of the food supply.

Put on the Ring

The ring

How do we stay away or protect ourselves from the Dark Riders? Educate yourself and pay attention. Take your food and nutrition power back. We all have the power to fight these things off every once in a while or occasionally on their own. But don’t get blindsided. Put on the ring and become the one with the power. You decide that they can not harm you because you decide on whether you eat them or not.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!


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