Things I Wonder



October is already upon us and fall is starting to creep into the picture. It’s definitely not here yet, especially in Southern California, but the smell of autumn is in the air. For no real reason other than I have been doing quite a bit of reflection as of late and “thought” sort of sounds like “Oct”, October is going to be dedicated to thoughts. In this giant pursuit of health and understanding, I strive to remain thoughtful of most everything and to not adhere to certain beliefs and or perspectives. Whether contemplating small aspects of metabolism and physiology or big picture health/organism/environment themes I find that I really I enjoy thinking about things and asking questions. In my opinion we don’t spend enough time thinking, contemplating and reflecting because we are too fixated on just repeating behaviors, mindlessly following directions and doing (or not doing) things just because they are new and/or different.

So, in the pursuit of encouraging more thoughtful engagement in our health, this month I am dedicating myself to asking questions, most of which I don’t have answers to. I have thoughts, theories and hunches about many of the things I contemplate but most of it will be presented simply as what it originated as: things I wonder.

Most of the posts this month will be short and inquisitive explorations into human health, function and existence. These are designed to provoke thought, not to provide answers to questions. A few will be more developed, organized and extended but most will be short and simple.

I hope you join me on this journey of thought and look forward to your input and reflection in the coming month (as I always do!)…

Thanks for reading and thinking, have a great month!


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