Obedience Over Analysis?


Thought-tober: Trying too hard to figure everything out

Do we need to figure everything out or should we accept some things as they are and simply obey our nature?

Example: Why do we sleep?

This is a huge area of research. It’s pretty fascinating and looks into every possible idea of what role sleep plays in human existence. But does it really matter why we sleep? Can we even expect to be able to figure that out? If we just obeyed human nature and slept appropriately the why may not even matter.

We feel obligated to figure out why we sleep because we 1) don’t sleep enough and 2) people want to figure out if they can work around it.

Think about how many other things we are trying so hard to figure out about the body and health. Does the why matter or should we focus on improving the process of being healthy humans? Optimally functioning people don’t have to worry about the whys of health.

Thanks for thinking, have a great day!


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