Some Leftover Thoughts: May 2014


Some of my leftover thoughts that I didn’t get around to writing on, let me know if anything sparks your interest…

Health Debt
Think of the amount of money we spend on solutions to problems that we created. As an example look how much money we spend on health health care, medicine, research, pharmaceuticals, gym memberships, vitamins, supplements, weight loss tools and on and on- all these things to try to fix the human that’s become unhealthy because, in essence, they’ve simply disconnected from normal human behavior.

One of the biggest trends these days is to find shortcuts or “hacks” in health. Supplements, devices, behavioral tricks, food combinations, etc. are becoming massively popular to streamline health. If you hack you will pay. Probably not immediately but down the line. If you take a shortcut now, down the line it will catch up to you- ask yourself if that’s worth it.

Underlying Behaviors
How much of our behavior in daily life physical and mental and emotional things is an expression of the desire of our body? There’s an old saying/philosophy that the body knows best but just how much of everything we do is, ultimately, the body trying to fulfill its needs through driving our behaviors?

Disconnection is like being homesick. We need to reanchor ourselves to the sun, ground, other people, relaxation, rest, fresh air, good food and moving our bodies. Connection is our homecoming and it can cure much of what ails us.

Seasonal Fat Intake
The fat content of the meat that you eat should change with the season. Meaning, you would eat fattier cuts of meat in the late fall and early winter and as winter goes along you would eat leaner and leaner cuts of meat to somewhat parallel the leaner animals that you would normally catch and eat in the later winter and early spring.

Infection, Stress and Reaction
Do infections lead the organism to overreacting after, ie weight gain? Is an infection enough of a stress to trigger the stress recovery process, which is often energy storage? Are infections more prone to do this due to the energy demands of fighting illness and/or the energy needs of the actual infective organisms?

Small Things Add Up
Even the smallest stress, when relenting, is damaging to the body. Think of the Chinese water torture- no recovery means you’ll become fragile. Vegetables are being thought of as beneficial because of the slight stress they put on our system. Are you better off eating vegetables at every meal or only eating vegetables every once in a while? Eating them year round or seasonally? In the same way- Could the lack of eating vegetables be problematic because you’re not getting stressed? The antioxidant system is use it or lose it- don’t eat vegetables and you’ll lose it?

Training vs. Exercising
Are you training or are you exercising? That is a very important question when it comes to how your spend your time sweating. Training is specific, measured and purposeful. Exercising is moving and sweating, without much planning, progression and rationale. It’s ok to do either, just make sure you know what you’re really doing and don’t think/say you’re training if you’re actually just exercising because they are two different things, require two different mind sets and yield two different results.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!


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