In Case You Missed It: May 2014


Wow, another May in the books. I wasn’t able to get a post out every day this month because life got in the way as it so often does and a few days there just wasn’t much time left to write anything. However, in case you missed it, from old movement to new technology, workout thoughts to careful tree climbing, barefoot troubles to other people’s glasses and from cholesterol to the NeverEnding Story, here’s the complete list of (almost) daily posts from May here on Bare 5…

Recapping A Post A Day in May 2014

I’m Not A Gorilla, Much Less A Cow
2 Really Good Books
FitBit & MyFitnessPal
Little By Little
Other People’s Glasses
Wise Words
You Are What You Eat, Literally
Stimulate, Don’t Annihilate
Human Rules
Mother Nature
Genetic Pressure
Sensible Sun Exposure
Thanks, Keebler
Go With The Flow
A Sign Of The Apocalypse
Barefooters Beware?
Be A Conceptual Mover
Cholesterol Isn’t A Disease (No Matter What Martha Quinn Says)
The Sleep-Health Connection
When And What Should You Eat Before Working Out?
Atreyu, Morla & The Perfect Diet
Some Leftover Thoughts: May 2014

Thanks for reading, have a great June!


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