What I Ate Last Week: June 5-11, 2014

Since I’m asked often what I eat, here’s what I’ve eaten the last week…

My Week of Meals: Jun 5-11, 2014

**Water to drink unless noted**

Thur 6-5-14
-Wake 7am
Breakfast 8:30am
Liverwurst Sandwich on Ezequiel Bread (w/ mustard), Coffee (w/ salt, cinnamon, cream & sugar), Low dose multivitamin and fish oil capsule
-Work 10am
-Workout 12pm: Outdoor Activity- Jumping, Climbing, Handstands, Agility, Ninja Training
Lunch 1pm
Kombucha, 2 Bananas, Nectarine & Beef Jerky (grass fed)
Dinner 5pm
Kombucha, Beef Jerky, Beef Snack Stick, Butter Toffee Cashews, 3 Chocolate Chunk Cookies

1991 Calories
50% Carb, 33% Fat, 17% Protein

Fri 6-6-14
-Wake 4am
Breakfast 4:30am
Coffee, 1/2 Grapefruit
-Work 5am
Snack 8am
Lunch 1pm
Beef Jerky, Orange Juice
Snack 4pm
Sunflower Seeds, Pistachios
Dinner 6:30pm
Baked potato (w/ salt & butter), Canned tuna & Salsa

1668 Calories
40% Carb, 40% Fat, 20% Pro

Sat 6-7-14
-Wake 8am
Breakfast 8:30am
Coffee, Scrambled Eggs (3 eggs scrambled in coconut oil), Grapefruit
Lunch 1:30am
Liverwurst Sandwich, Raspberries & Blueberries
Dinner 6pm @ Outback Steakhouse
Bread & Butter, Chicken on the Barbie w/ Vegetables
Snack 8pm
Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

2107 Calories
47% Carb, 30% Fat, 23% Pro

– Wake 8am
Breakfast 10:30am
Coffee, Grapefruit
Lunch 12:30pm
Liverwurst Sandwich, 1/2 Banana, Iced Tea
Snack 4:30pm
Dinner 6:30pm
Salad (mixed greens, cucumber, radish, celery, olive oil, seasoned rice wine vinegar), Pork Tenderloin w/ OJ-mustard sauce, Corn on the cob, Sautéed green beans and asparagus, Vanilla ice cream topped with sliced strawberries

1663 Calories
49% Carb, 34% Fat, 17% Pro

-Wake 5am
Breakfast 5:30am
Coffee, Multivitamin and fish oil, Grapefruit, Beef Jerky
– Work 6am
Snack 9am
– Exercise at the park 12pm
Lunch 1pm
Snack 3:30pm
Flourless Peanut Butter Choc Chip Cookies, Trader Joes Oat Granola Bar
Dinner 5:30
Mixed Green Salad w/ Shredded Chicken, olive oil and BBQ sauce, Blackberries
Dessert 9pm
Butter Toffee Cashews, Dark Chocolate Macadamia Nuts

1937 Calories
41% Carb, 41% Fat, 18% Pro

– Wake 6:45am
Coffee 7:45am
Breakfast 9:45am
Kombucha, Grapefruit, Beef Snack Sticks
– Work 10am
– Exercise at park 12pm
Snack 2pm
Pineapple Coconut Water
– Workout (intense) 2:30pm
Lunch 4pm
Beef Jerky, Bananas, Nectarine
Dinner 6:45pm
Mixed Greens, Sardines, Butter Toffee Cashews, Dark Chocolate Almonds, Vanilla Bean Gelato

2224 Calories
53% Carb, 33% Fat, 14% Pro

– Wake 4am
Breakfast 4:30am
Orange juice, Liverwurst Sandwich, Coffee
Snack 9am
Green Juice, Kombucha, Beef Snack Sticks, Beef Jerky
Lunch 12:30pm
Banana, Coconut crisps, Peach Iced Tea
– Golf 1:15pm (Walk 18 holes)
Snack 3pm
Banana, Coconut crisps, Gatorade
Dinner 6:45 pm
Lemonade Iced Tead, Ham, Turkey & Salami sandwich on Ezekiel Bread, Grapes
Dessert 8pm
Starburst, Life Savers, Butter Toffee Cashews, Graham crackers w/ Peanut Butter

3487 Calories
61% Carb, 26% Fat, 12% Pro

Daily Average
2154 Calories
50% Carb, 33% Fat, 17% Pro

– I didn’t go out of my way to eat perfect this week because I very rarely do and I wanted this to be realistic. Several challenges popped up so this week had its own trends as all my weeks do, even if they’re different every week.
– I had several days where I didn’t make a lunch so I relied upon things like beef jerky and other snacks quite a bit this week.
– I certainly had plenty of sweets, mostly a result of under eating throughout the day and craving easy energy at night to make up for it.
– I also ate more bread than typical but simply because I got a loaf of Ezekiel bread and wanted to use it.
– Light breakfasts and heavier dinners are typical.
– The macronutrient breakdown of 50-33-17 was pretty consistent with my warm weather diet but my 2150 calorie average was under my normal calorie intake of ~2700 per day.
– According to MyFitnessPal and FitBit, when exercise was accounted for I was about 7200 calories in deficit last week which “should” have resulted in a weight loss of almost exactly 2 pounds, which is what happened.

As I’ve mentioned before I eat seasonally and in phases. In general this is simply an example of how a week might look in my nutrition. Every week is different. When I run out of bread, liverwurst, jerky and butter toffee almonds my weekly meals look a lot different. When I get tired of coffee or kombucha then my diet changes as well. The more active I am the more my nutrition changes. The better I am at grocery shopping the better my quality of food. Just like everyone else, my food is a reflection of what I’m doing and prioritizing. This week it happened to evolve this way. Next week will likely be different. The bottom line is I’m a (relatively) normal person and although I eat more sardines and liverwurst than most people I still have to make food choices every day and manage them by whatever criteria the moment calls for.

Just for reference, I did the same thing almost three years ago:
Week of Meals: Sept 18-24, 2011

Thanks for reading, have a great week!

P.S. This post is for all the people who say, “I could never eat the way you eat!” 🙂


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