Fat/Saturated Fat Articles

Saturated Fat is Good For Us? Tim Ferriss blog post reviewing the benefits of saturated fat
The Big Lie Dr. Eades reviews the literature
The Oiling of America Paper from Enig and Fallon via Dr. Cranton.com
Defending Fat With Facts Jimmy Moore review on fat
Epilepsy and Fat How a high fat ketogenic diet can help prevent seizures
Blog Post – Olive oil How olive oil and a porterhouse steak are more similar than you might think
Low-Carb/High Saturated Fat Health Benefits Review of dietary evolution in the U.S. with low-carb and saturated fat benefits
The Truth About Fat Web MD review of types and function of fat
The Diet-Heart Hypothesis: Stuck at the Starting Gate Review from Whole Health Source
Saturated Fat Does NOT Cause Heart Disease Review of recent and historical findings
Low-Fat Diet Not a Cure-All Harvard Public School of Health article
There is No Such Thing as a Macronutrient, Part 1 – Fats Dr. Kurt Harris – Archevore
You Butter Believe – The Truth About Saturated Fat, Part 1, Part 2 by Diet Heart Publishing
My Favorite Fats From Bare 5


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