Things That Interested Me: Week of Feb 1, 2012

I have decided to make this a bi-monthly series, mostly because life is making it challenging to put these together every week. 🙂

That being said, here’s what I found interesting the last couple weeks…

The Fun Theory, a video about Lipitor, calories in vs. calories out, the brain-gut connection, AHA and soy, protein and low carb diets, bacon, GERD, hormone replacement therapy and cancer, inflammation and heart disease, invisible shoes, resigning adulthood, a detailed food chart, healthy babies and mothers, eating with your hands, exercising less, a cookie recipe, a great old fashioned food organization, an up and coming food quality certification company and my new Twitter account.

The Fun Theory

The Lipitor Paradox

Debunking Calories In vs Calories Out for Weight Loss: Assumption #1 From Eat, Sleep, Move – a nice synopsis of the error in simply stating that weight loss is about calories in vs. calories out

A Gut Check For Many Ailments From Wall Street Journal Online – researchers keep learning more about the role that the gut has in health, beyond just digesting food

AHA Comments to FDA on Soy Protein & CHD Health Claim.doc From the American Heart Association – Position statement released 4 years ago recanting their position on soy being heart healthy

Dietary Protein Does Not Become Body Fat If You Are On a Low Carbohydrate Diet From Health Correlator – a nice look at the biology of protein consumption and low carb diets

Bacon: Health Food or Devil in Delicious Disguise? From Balanced Bites – looking at bacon from a health perspective, fat from a biochemistry perspective and the whole issue from a step back- interesting read- somewhat similar in the thinking behind my recent post on Fat

Is GERD an Autoimmune Disease? From Chris Kresser – research certainly indicates that what was thought of as a digestive disorder may be much more acute and systemic, may be in fact autoimmune in nature

Study Faults Research Linking Hormone Therapy to Cancer From Life Extension – very important to know given the extreme fear many people developed in response to the initial report of the findings

How Might Inflammation Cause Heart Disease Mark Sisson reviews the research – this is where all the arrows are pointing right now… inflammation

Invisible Shoes Huarache style minimalist shoes – cool, easy, simple and affordable, I have enjoyed my pair so far

I Resign Frontdive Fitness shares a great piece – I wish I could resign my adulthood every once in a while…

Greens/Vegetables/Fruits/Treats Bearded Dragon lists a bunch of foods, some characteristics and preparation to consider – neat list with some pros and cons you may never have thought about

The Healthy Baby Code Chris Kresser presents a great resource for expectant parents and newborn babies – very detailed with great resources and guides, we have just gotten started and love it.

Why You May Need To Exercise Less Chris Kresser reviews overtraining and the subsequent consequences – very true, particularly in the Paleo community, here’s another great resource – 9 Signs You’re Overtraining

5 Reasons You Should Eat With Your Hands From the Primalist – cool little post

Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies Civilized Caveman Creations – these grain free babies look delicious

Weston A Price Dedicated to traditional wisdom and food – this is a fantastic organization with great resources and local chapters for finding real food

Paleo Approved Company dedicated to certifying “real” food producers – starting to get some traction which is cool

Twitter kyleknapp5 is up and tweeting!



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