Mozambique: A Butter Dining Experience

Dining out can be a challenge.

When I find a place that is doing some things right, I think it should be shared with the world.

Today I went to a local restaurant, Mozambique, that offers South African themed food. I love trying new types of food so I thought it would be cool to give it a shot. I had heard a couple decent reviews so I was confident it would be pretty tasty. My questions, like always, were in food offerings and preparation.

So I took a look at the menu and noticed a Peri Peri grilled half chicken with rice and vegetables. Looked good on the surface. So I approached the register and asked the question that usually ends up with a disappointing answer, “What do you cook your vegetables in?”

The gentleman didn’t know so he went back to ask a cook and came back with this answer, “Butter. But we can use canola oil if you want.”

“Did you say butter?”

“Yes. Butter and garlic.”

“Really? I’m so glad you guys do it the old fashioned way. Forget the oil. Butter and garlic is perfect. Thanks. I’ll take the Peri Peri chicken…”

Just like that, my faith in humans was somewhat restored. Although this restaurant is not in the norm with their butter use, it made me a happy diner and I think I’ll go back and try some more dishes. It just may be a nice option for me whenever I need to dine out.

And, as you might suspect, the meal (and vegetables in particular) was delicious!

If you’re in the Newport Beach area, check out Mozambique and let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading, have a butter week than ever!



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