Those Little Goldfish

Just wanted to share a little something I noticed the other day.

My oldest son is in kindergarten and the other day he brought home a little classwork. The assignment was to paste Goldfish on a piece of paper with a picture of a fishbowl on it. Simple enough. Here’s the problem: look at what it looked like a couple hours after he did it.



Those are some leaky fish.

Next time someone claims Goldfish are harmless little snacks, remember these pictures.

Just for fun, let’s find out what Goldfish are made of…

Check out the Pepperidge Farm website for the Nutrition Information. I had a tough time finding it on their website, but I was able to search a little more to find the ingredients from Campbell’s website, but not the “Colors” version. To find those ingredients I ended up on Walmart’s website which had the ingredients I was looking for.

Thanks for reading, have a golden week with very few Goldfish!



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