Today I went to the beach. Fresh off my post on the benefits of magnesium, I was pumped to get a chance to head down to the ocean. Partly cloudy, 67 degrees and very few people. Perfect conditions and a great opportunity to sit down in the sand, walk on the beach, wade in the water and just relax…

There’s something so invigorating about the sun, feeling your skin soak up the rays of life.


There’s something very serene about sitting in the sand, feeling the ocean breeze, listening and watching the waves with no other distractions.

There’s something so peaceful about walking on the beach, leaving footprints behind, feeling the sand on your feet.


There is something so magical about feeling the waves lap up onto your toes and wash away the sand from under your feet.

There’s something so powerful about wading into the ocean, feeling the swells of water rush past you. Feeling the cold water on your skin. Smelling the salt water. Feeling the power of the ocean.

There’s something just so cool about the beach.

Thanks for reading, have a sun, sand and ocean breeze filled week!