Stale Cookies


Don’t cheat with stale cookies.

I heard this statement in a podcast a while back and I wish I remembered who and where so I could give them due credit. Nonetheless it’s a great concept: If you’re going to do it, make it count. Don’t eat the stale cookies just because they’re there. However you like to indulge, do it with good versions that you truly get enjoyment out of, don’t let the random mini muffins or stale chips that you don’t even really like be what you break down for.

Make It Count
Pass on the bad cookies. One of my favorite concepts that nearly everyone can connect with on some level. Most of us try to eat healthy but from time to time we like to indulge. No one is perfect and we all get tempted to “cheat” particularly on days like Memorial Day, where BBQs and get-togethers are loaded with less than healthy foods. If you decide to eat something off your normal menu then do it right, choose something you enjoy and won’t feel guilty over. Don’t eat stale cookies just for the sake of eating some cookies. Don’t eat some chips and dip just because its there. Don’t eat anything that doesn’t fulfill you. Save your indulgence for the good stuff. Then it stops being “cheating” and starts being simply a part of how you eat: good food most of the time and occasionally some very worthwhile indulgences.

The best part is that when you make it count it feels better, last longer and you end up doing it much less often. Eating a “stale cookie” doesn’t feel good, last very long (if at all) and certainly doesn’t satiate your desire to indulge. That being said, go out there tomorrow and enjoy warm, moist and chewy cookies!

Thanks for reading, have a great day!

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