Some Leftover Thoughts: May 2013


Some of my leftover thoughts that I didn’t get around to writing on, let me know if anything sparks your interest…

Trust nature. Respect nature. Look to how traditional cultures interacted with nature (e.g. native Americans, Romans, Chinese). There are plenty of clues, hints and guidelines when you consider what we knew before we thought we got it all figured out.

Habits & Health
Are your habits killing you? Nearly anything that’s wrong with anyone is a result of one or more habits gone bad.

Goal number 1 is to restore the body. Ailments and symptoms often work them self out. When it is right the body can usually regulate itself.

All “diets” have a honeymoon period.
A diet is an intervention to heal metabolism/illness. Almost every diet can work in the short term but no diet is a long term solution. Once you are healed it is time to resume healthy behaviors.

Going low carb is just a vessel to eliminate NADs (Neolithic Agents of Disease: flour, sugar, etc.).
Is paleo/vegan just a fix? Same as low carb? Use it to fix the body and then eat normal after?

Are diet gurus special cases?
Their style is what worked for them?

Optimal diet, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

Eat ingredients. The macro and micro nutrients will take care of themselves.

Changing your health is an opportunity to feel better. Don’t stress over it, think of how much better you could feel.

Keep in mind standards of excellence and evidence.

Embody health. Lead by example. The people that are ready will follow. But don’t be disappointed if not everyone does.

Create a body mission statement or philosophy. What do you want to stand for?

Thanks for reading, have a great day!


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