Stuff Worth Watching/Listening To

I listen to a lot of podcasts. I mean, a lot. Spending anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half a day in the car, I have found podcasts to be a valuable resource. Over the last few years, I have listened to hundreds of them, from many different sources, people and perspectives. Most are educational or helpful, some are inspirational and enlightening, some are enjoyable, others are pretty forgettable. Every once in a while a podcast comes along that’s worth sharing. In the last week or so, I came across two that are as good as I have heard in a long time. Both were on the Fat Burning Man Podcast, are great summaries of health and are absolutely worth listening to if you have an extra hour or so.

Dr. John Berardi from Precision Nutrition

A great overall look at health, fitness and nutrition with some fantastic information, thoughts, insight, perspective and helpful tips on improving your health. Berardi is one of my favorite resources in the health realm and this podcast gives a nice glimpse at why I respect his perspective.

Here’s the show and here is his website.

Dr. Sara Gottfried from The Hormone Cure

Feeling Fat, Frazzled & Frumpy? Then this show is for you. Dr. Gottfried gets into why you are feeling that way and it is very informative and accessible. An enjoyable listen, this show is geared toward women but is helpful for anyone who wants to understand the basics of hormones and how Charlie’s Angels (women) or The Three Amigos (men) determines how you feel and function every single day.

Here’s the show and her website.

Bonus Material…

Joel Salatin
Also recently on the Fat Burning Man Show was Joel Salatin, an enthusiastic permaculture farmer (Polyface Farms) with a great outlook on life, history and healthy food. He is fun to listen to on any of the many podcasts he has been on or the many presentations he has given. A quick Internet or You Tube search will give you many options to check out his stuff. He is literally an old school farmer with a dream to get back to the basics of traditional farming that is a blast to listen to.

Here’s his farm’s website.

Dr. Peter Attia
Just yesterday his TED talk came out on rethinking diabetes. This was a very good talk. 15 minutes will likely reframe how you think about diabetes and obesity. He presents a good case why people, myself included, think that we are looking at diabetes (and I add cholesterol, hormones, cancer, etc.) all wrong. He’s a very bright guy who gives us much to think about.

Here’s the TED Talk and his website.

Thanks for reading, watching and listening, have a great day!


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