Becoming Antifragile

Randomness. Unpredictability. Uncertainty. Disorder. Chaos.

In a world where we look for survival, predictability and comfort, these things can be pretty scary which is we seem to avoid them at all costs. They can confuse, frustrate, complicate and often destroy our lives.

Unless you’re Antifragile.


Almost seemingly randomly (wink wink), I just came across and read a book that goes right in line with what I’ve been writing about recently: Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder by Nassim Nicholas Taleb


What is “Antifragile”?

Simply put it’s the opposite of fragile. Fragile things break easily, need to be protected at all times, are very vulnerable to stress and keep breaking down the more they are assaulted. Antifragile things are the exact opposite. Not only are they strong and robust but they encourage stress and are able to withstand assault. As a result, they actually get stronger the more they are challenged.

I try, as an organism, to be on the Antifragile side of things. More than robust and able to withstand wear and tear, I want the challenges of the world to make me stronger, particularly physically and physiologically. I like randomness and unpredictability. I dislike the ubercontrolled and predictable. I don’t want to avoid discomfort. I appreciate that humans started to create safety and comfort but I think we’ve gone too far. Now nothing is random and we are scared of nearly everything that used to make us strong. The more we try to create a predictable, ordered, certain, calm and reliable world the more fragile we become. Things that aren’t challenged grow weaker.

Think use it or lose it: The brain. Muscles. Bones. Organs.

Think of spoiled kids who never had to work for anything.

Think of people who are scared of germs and avoid them at all cost.

Don’t stress something and it becomes fragile. Keep yourself challenged on a regular basis and you’ll be surprised how strong you can be. Humans might not be invincible but our antifragility has gotten us this far. Trust in that and you’ll become the opposite of fragile, you’ll start becoming antifragile.

Thanks for reading, have an Antifragile day!


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