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The Essence of Human

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The essence of human.

What does it mean to be human? Does simply existing as a Homo sapiens count? Or is there something more?…

To get a glimpse at what I’m getting at, check out this talk by Joel Salatin, a polyculture/husbandry farmer, who believes in the beauty, power and our responsibility to find the true essence of things…

Being human isn’t simply going through day to day life, chopping up existence into it’s individual parts. It’s not about shortcuts and blind advancement. More than simply putting in your time and floating along meaninglessly. There’s more. Just like the chickens or the pigs that don’t get to be what they should be. We each have humanness built in waiting to be honored. Allowing ourselves to express it is the essence of being human.

Being outside, sensing and connecting to the world around us. Seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling and tasting natural things. Moving our bodies. Feeling the ground, dirt, wind and sunshine. Eating real, nourishing food. Interacting with people. Doing physical work. Being hot. Being cold. Walking. Talking. Resting. Thinking. Reflecting. Sharing. Teaching. Loving. Laughing.

Finding the essence of human and expressing your humanness is your birth right. Making it your destiny is up to you.

The more we spend time disconnected from the essence of human the more we become like the fragile egg that shatters when dropped into the water. The more connected we get to our natural course the more we hold strong when challenged by the world. The essence of human is connection. Find your ways to reconnect to being human and you’ll find your expression of humanness.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!

Author: Kyle Knapp

I'm a health and fitness practitioner (specializing in movement reeducation, health philosophy, personal training and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition) with several years education and experience and a passion for helping people maximize health and well being. I focus on natural living as a resetting mechanism to recapture vibrant and natural health. By following simple and naturally based eating, moving, resting, environmental and social practices we can find the healthiest state our bodies are capable of.


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