Rethinking Health

In this ever evolving world of health information, we are quickly noticing that many of the truths we have clung to are being adapted, altered or just plain disproven. Over the years I’ve written quite a bit about this and have encouraged people, if nothing else, to be willing to take a step back and rethink what they have thought to be true. This page will simply be my resource for all those posts, articles and subjects. Any time I write a new post on rethinking something I’ll add it to this page, leaving it as a one stop source for everything Bare 5 thinks you might want to think about rethinking…

Rethinking Health: The Complete List

Rethinking Comfort  3-8-11

Rethinking Carbohydrates  7-29-11

Rethinking Wheat  9-9-11

Rethinking Cholesterol  10-23-11

Rethinking Fat  1-22-12

Rethinking Cleansing  2-7-12

Rethinking Golf  5-8-12

Rethinking Calcium  5-11-12

Rethinking Germs & Immunity  5-19-12

Rethinking Working Out  5-23-12

Rethinking Research  5-24-12

Rethinking Supplements  5-26-12

Rethinking Egg Whites  6-26-12

Rethinking Sweeteners  7-10-12

Rethinking Medical Research  7-19-12

Rethinking Individuality  8-16-12

Rethinking Antioxidants  8-27-12

Rethinking Superfoods 9-2-12

Rethinking Dairy  9-5-12

Rethinking Soy Milk  9-28-12

Rethinking Sodium (And Salt By Default)  10-9-12

Rethinking Fats Continued  10-3-12

Rethinking Vitamin D  1-30-13

Rethinking Cholesterol  2-19-13

Rethinking Cholesterol Continued  3-4-13

Rethinking Calories  3-8-13

Rethinking Breakfast  3-18-13

Rethinking Connection  3-25-13

Rethinking Germs & Health Continued  4-19-13

Rethinking Salad Dressings  5-2-13

Rethinking Why We Get Fat  5-13-13

Rethinking Inflammation  5-21-13

Rethinking Sun Exposure  6-26-13

Rethinking Wheat Continued 8-4-13

Rethinking Stress  9-26-13

Rethinking Experts  10-6-13

Rethinking Reality 10-15-13

Rethinking Tying Your Shoes  10-16-13

Rethinking Health Numbers 10-24-13

Rethinking Isolation  10-29-13

Rethinking Daylight Saving Time  11-3-13

Rethinking Calories In vs. Calories Out  11-6-13

Rethinking US Dietary Advice  11-7-13

Rethinking Nutrient Density  11-17-13

Rethinking Fever, Runny Noses & Pain  12-5-13

Rethinking Low & Non Fat Milk  12-17-13

Rethinking Bacteria 1-21-14

Rethinking Grocery Shopping  1-28-14

Rethinking Nitrates & Nitrites  2-3-14

Rethinking Doctors & Nutrition  2-12-14

Rethinking Fish Oil  2-23-14

Rethinking Weight Changes  2-25-14

Rethinking Good vs. Bad Foods  3-11-14

Rethinking Human-Vorism  5-1-14

Rethinking Health Recommendations  5-5-14

Rethinking Exhausting Workouts  5-8-14

Rethinking Genetic Predisposition  5-12-14

Rethinking Sun Exposure Continued  5-14-14

Rethinking Movement & Exercise  5-24-14

Rethinking Sleep  5-28-14

Rethinking Pre Workout Nutrition  5-29-14

Rethinking The Perfect Diet  5-30-14

Rethinking Human Abilities  6-22-14

Rethinking Hand & Body Washing  6-25-14

Rethinking Good vs. Bad Cholesterol  9-2-14

Rethinking Dinner  9-4-14

Rethinking Running  9-7-14

Rethinking Truth  9-19-14

Rethinking Genetics  9-24-14

Rethinking Carbs vs. Fat  9-28-14

Rethinking Saturated Fat  10-7-14

Rethinking Icing  10-9-14

Rethinking “Church”  10-10-14

Rethinking New Shoes  10-15-14

Rethinking Middle Age 10-30-14

Rethinking Sleep 12-18-14

Rethinking Red Meat 1-15-15

Rethinking Vitamin D (Continued) 1-21-15


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