In Case You Missed It

After many hours thinking, many hours typing and many times revising my thoughts, I did it: a post a day for the month of May. A great eye opening and educational journey. In the end I was able to share many of my thoughts and I’m happy I was able to spend the time and energy blogging about things that were important to me the last month.

In case you missed any (or all) of the 31 posts, here’s the Bare 5 recap of the Month of May…

The Spice of Life – all about herbs and spices
Just Walk Baby – why walking is great
It All Adds Up – looking at stress differently
Plug In – the benefits of grounding
Get Hysterical – laughter is the best
The Marvel – the amazing human body
Food Bits – some notes on food
The Case Against Golf – why golfers might think twice
Follow The Sun – the power of the sun
The Fun Theory – the power of fun
Some Notes on Calcium – looking more critically at calcium
Some Points to Ponder – some interesting thoughts
Some Other People’s Thoughts – quotes from some health researchers
M.P.H. – Masters in Personal Health – thoughts on perfecting your health
Eat When You Are Hungry – a simple strategy is often best
Bust A Move – dancing is awesome
Don’t Pass Up An Opportunity – grab chances when you can
Timeless – how to look at your decisions
Get Dirty – why we need germs
Some Other People’s Thoughts: Part 2 – more thoughts more health conscious folks
What My Grandma Ate – old fashioned food chat
The Tree – finding exercise equipment in your front yard
Working In – energy capturing exercise
What Does That Study Mean? – how to look at “research”
Some Other Philosophies – a few other cool approaches to health
Supplements & Me – my thoughts on supplements
Some Other People’s Thoughts: Part 3 – more health thoughts
Vin Goat: Awesome Artisan – traditional food shop
Some Miscellaneous Resources – a few notes and resources
The Rocks – more exercise equipment in the yard
Quotes For Thought – some cool quotes at a pizza place

Thanks for reading, have a great June!


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